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  • Original Music & Sound Design

  About Us

New Light Audio produces original music composition and sound design for various platforms. From full orchestral scores for drama films, to explosions and guns blazing sound designs for action packed video games, to ambient music to compliment any mood or setting. Our diverse team of creative professionals are eager to fulfill all your audio expectations and enhance your work.

  The Team


  • Music Composition/Scoring
  • Sound Design
  • Arrangement
  • Orchestration
  • Foley
  • Voice Dubbing
  • Audio Recording & Mixing
  • Mastering


  • "The guys always go the extra mile and deliver world class soundtracks." - Like Giants
  • "Perfect...It's really amazing how proper music improves the atmosphere" - Luukas Lintumaki (The Immortal Rift)
  • "It's awesome...Did you guys really compose all of it?" - Albertus Bodenstein (3D Tree Animation Studio)
  • "Thanks for your help and excellent work!" - Matt Eckholm (Izzie Midnight)
  • “One word ‘epic’. Fits the game perfectly!” - HollettGaming
  • "Thanks for the audio, it sounds great" - Vauneen Pretorius (Effleurer)
  • "Sounds epic! I love it" & "It sounds fantastic" - Lucky Shot Media
  • "The score is excellent, and really compliments the film" - Matt Eckholm (Izzie Midnight)

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